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Red Hill Baptist Church
Monday, January 21, 2019
God's Worth -- God's Word -- God's Way

Youth Room

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Youth Ministry

               "Ask, and it shall be given you;  Seek and ye
               shall find;  Knock and it shall be opened
               unto you."        Matthew 7:7
Teaching Emphasis
          •  ASK (Spend time in prayer.)
          •  SEEK (Spend time in God's Word.)
          •  KNOCK (Spend time in fellowship and worship.)
          •  Growing closer to God through prayer, God's Word,
              and worship
          •  Missions and Retreats (Experiencing the power of God
              by doing His work.)
          Our youth ministry's mission is to equip the next
          generation of believers with all the tools necessary
          to mature in Christ.  We want to give the young
          people of our area a comfortable environment
          where they are not judged but are shown
          unconditional love.  We will strive to nurture
          our young people and help them understand
          their spiritual gifts so they can decide for
          themselves the best way to serve Christ.
Youth Director we are currently in search of a youth minister 
Red Hill Baptist Church